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You need more than a good web designer, and that’s why we offer complete services, from concept and design, to hosting and Search Engine Optimization and marketing (SEO). Whether it’s for a business web site, e-commerce online store or an organization, when we build your web site, we offer added services to complete the total package, including domain names, web-hosting, video production, email marketing and digital media online advertising.

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We are a total web development and hosting service, specializing in professional website design & maintenance. We work with your input from the start, ensuring your satisfaction. We’ve been providing web design and development solutions since 1994. Whether it’s for your company or your own personal web site, we know how to create a web design that will take your concept from idea to reality.

Tim Trott has been developing websites for two decades.  WEBicity Design is located in Central Florida.

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Responsive Design

Mobile phones now make up more than half the online market, and desktops come in at a close second. Your web-pages need to be "responsive" to respond and changes according to the display device, and to portrait or landscape mode on smart phones to tablets or full size computer screens

Search Optimization

We will work to rank your website in search engines to get found online. We will connect your web site with Google and the major search engines and directories and then go on to determine the most effective keywords and tags for your target market and audience.

Content Marketing​

Content is King! The purpose of a web site is to COMMUNICATE, and to do that, the content, both images and text, need to convey a clear message to the viewer and potential customers, that is interesting and informative. The best web site is a web site that WORKS, for you and for your customers.


Some web sites are in need of urgent care. Some are severely outdated and others simply are broken. We have the tools to restore sick and damaged websites to full health, with CPR: Content Creation, Promotion and Responsive Design.


We know how to create a web site with interactive elements and video, to engage and inspire your visitors. Interaction drives conversion, traffic and your success.


Security of your website and data is important to you and your audience. That is why SSL/HTTPS is INCLUDED with every web site we develop and host. As a further security, every web site is backed up automatically every night and archived for 7 days.

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