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WEBicity Design has been building and maintaining quality custom web sites since 1994.

We have our own US dedicated web server and the company has no long term debt. That’s an important distinction in a time when design and hosting companies seem to come and go. We have been designing web sites since 1994. Experience has advantages. Knowing what not to do is often as important as knowing what to do.

WEBicity strives to balance art with function, producing web sites that are pleasing to the eye but are still easy for visitors to navigate. A web site can’t survive unless people can find it, so we pay particular attention to the things that are important for being listed in the major search engines and directories, and then we list it with those search engines and directories. While certain elements may remain constant we make sure that each web site has its own custom identity. Unlike cookie-cutter five-page and no two projects look alike. That’s not true of “specialized" vertical market designers who use the same WordPress style or CSS template for every client.

Our customers choose their own budget for the design portion of the project, and often times we build a basic core and continue to build on that framework for years to come. Features like a database, shopping cart, a search box, information forms and so on can be included at any point along the way. One of the most dynamic additions to the Internet is Video. In fact, USA Today/Money has said recently that “Video clips are shedding their entertainment-only use and rapidly becoming more of a sales tool.".

With the rapid rise of YouTube, that may turn out to be an understatement. WEBicity Design has the advantage many years of audio and video production experience. In today’s marketplace, if you want to increase your company’s sales and attract more clients, you need to use video. Increasingly, consumers prefer to view video rather than read text. In fact, video traffic is" expected to be 69 percent of all Internet traffic by 2017", according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index.(Source)

A large portion of our new projects come by way of referral from our existing clients and often those same clients come back for additional web sites. That in itself should say a lot about how we meet the needs of our customers.